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Our Board Members

Our executive board members are some of the most dedicated individuals within the animal welfare community. It is through their efforts that IOWCHS is able to further our mission by developing innovative programs and  building a community that cares and supports pets and their owners within Isle of Wight and surrounding areas.


Kim Horne

A member since 2002, Kim has worn several hats within the organization and has fostered countless pets. Her passion and dedication for wanting to help is what drives her commitment to serve. When she isn't conducting IOWCHS business, she is operating her company. To relax and unwind, she reads, gardens, spends time with family, and travels. She currently has a dog named Evelyn, a cat named Gemini, and several cat fosters waiting for their fur-ever homes.

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Rachel Smith

A member since 2008, Rachel joined IOWCHS because of her love for animals, especially dogs.  She has helped with adoption events, transporting animals, fundraising, and Treasurer.  She is one of the few members who has only fostered once for IOWCHS. Her favorite position has been approving grants which help the community. Rachel has had many dogs over the years, three at one time, but now only one, Sophie a bulldog mix her husband rescued off the streets of Suffolk.   

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Vice President

Debbie Lee

A member since 2015, Debbie assists in all aspects from coordinating cage cleanings, helping at adoption events, transporting animals, and assisting with feral cat colonies. While she did not plan on fostering, she finds herself unable to say - No. She is also a member of the Peninsula Community Cat Coalition.  She  currently has 3 senior cats of her own - Bandit, Brindle Bear, and Patches - all three of which came out of her feral colony.

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Susan Elmore

 A member since 2015, Susan became involved in IOWCHS by meeting the group at an adoption event.  The group's passion and inclusiveness made her join! She has two crazy dog fur babies named Sadee and Jade, that she adopted from the humane society. She really enjoys her position at IOWCHS and helping pets and pet owners. In her spare time she loves spending time with family, taking her dogs on walks, camping, and watching horror movies.

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Linda Batchelor

A member since 2011, Linda is one of the few members who has never fostered animals for IOWCHS. However, she manages to be hands on with the animals by helping at adoption events, transporting animals, assisting in spay/neuter clinics, cleaning cat cages, and assisting with feral colony work. Although Linda does not currently have any pets, she is happy and willing to dogsit for Birdie, her son’s Shetland Sheepdog.

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Terry Krupinski

A member since 2016, Terry became involved in IOWCHS when she worked with them to TNR 25 cat and several kittens at a feral cat colony at her job. She still takes care of the feral colony today and assists with fostering cats in hopes of finding them a fur-ever home. She has three dogs and one cat: an old miniature Dachshund named Billie Jean, an eight year old  King Charles Spaniel named Jax,  a seven year old Maltipoo, and  Ebony the cat.

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Tax Filings

We are profoundly grateful for the support of animal lovers like you who make it possible for us to save vulnerable animals and enrich the lives of pets and people within the community. Our tax filings are public knowledge to provide you awareness of how our organization operations throughout the year.

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