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The Isle of Wight County Humane society is an all volunteer organization that promotes responsible pet care and the humane treatment of animals in our local community.  Humane Societywoman with cat members take in homeless and unwanted animals and provide them with foster care and medical treatment.  When the animals are healthy and socialized, they are adopted out to permanent homes. Our pet adoption program is very successful and we find homes for hundreds of dogs and cats each year.


pawpawMost of our animals will have already been spayed/neutered. Every prospective new pet owner must complete an Adoption Interview and if accepted complete our Adoption Contract and submit the appropiate payment. 

To view some of our adoptable pets vist us at Petfinder.com 

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PetSmart Newport News VA
When volunteers are available
Saturday from Noon till 4PM

Please call for schedule 757-876-6984
PetSmart, 12142 Jefferson Ave., Newport News, VA 23602, 757-249-2007
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Petco North Suffolk VA
Every Sunday from Noon till 4PM

Petco, 1011 University Blvd., Suffolk VA 23435, 757-215-7663
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More information can be requested by email at
info@iowchs.org or leave a message at 757-357-4214

adoption This adoption took place at the Smithfield Gardens Flower Festival. His new family had come to buy flowers, but saw the puppies and couldn't resist taking one home. We think the puppy will be very happy with them ! The puppy was born at the Isle of Wight County shelter and transferred to Isle of Wight Humane Society foster care a few days later. His mother was "Pandora" who also was placed in her "forever home" on June 28th 
adopted cat A happy adoption of a cat at PetSmart in August 2009. This kitty was originally from a ferral colony.
Adopted Kitten Another happy adoption of a kitten at PetSmart in August 2009. This kitty was originally from a ferral colony.
Marty Another of Pandora's puppies going home his new family. Marty and Penny have two other dogs at home, so this big guy will have two older "sisters" to show him the ropes. This is the family's second adoption from Isle of Wight Humane ! They are great pet parents and we just love them.
Hi, We just wanted to let you know how happy we have been with the kitten we adopted last year in May 2008. His name is Max (gray tabby) just as you had named him and he is a joy. We wanted to let the volunteer that we adopted him from at Pet Smart (she had kept him at her home as a kitten ) how well he has fit in here. I am enclosing some photos of him and Niki our black female we adopted from Gloucester Matthews Humane Society just this May '09. He thinks he is her Mom and they are the best of pals. Thank you again for the wonderful job you do. We recommend you to all our friends.

Blessings, Felton & Jeannie Johnson
Sparkes with dog
sparkles with cat
I just wanted to send her a couple of photos of Sparkles, since I spoke with a volunteer (Dawn Morris) about Sparkles recently at the PetSmart.
She had told me that Sparkles didn't like other animals, and although she doesn't normally seek out the other furkids at our house, as you can see by the photos, she gets along with them just fine.
Thanks for your diligent efforts.  The other orange kitty in one of the photos is Hoppy, who is also an adoptee from Isle of Wight.
Sue Wills



For more information contact us at

   P. O. Box 273

   Smithfield , VA 23431


   OR Leave a message at 757-357-4214

OR email

Thank You for your SUPPORT !

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